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Friday, March 12, 2010

In a Time when Many Mining/Quarrying & Manufacturing Operations are Cutting Back, our Clients are Seeing Significant Growth

Here is a summary of some of the clients were currently working with as well as a listing of some of our current key searches. Our New Jobs page at also provides more detail about some of our current searches.

Maintenance Manager - Develop Maintenance Personnel -

Health & Safety Manager -

Director of Engineering -

Production Management -

Manager of Environmental Permitting -

Hydrogeologist – Project Manager -

Sedimentary Geologist -

Land Manager -

Key Senior-Level R&D Leadership Role in Inorganic Chemistry - .

Our client has LED EFFORTS FOR NEW, GREEN FIELD PROPERTY DEVELOPMENT. Global leader in their industry who has MORE THAN DOUBLED their gross revenue in the last 5 years looking for a key individual to help with future growth. Currently planning an OVER 50% increase in capital spending for the coming year financed through strong cash reserves. Stock near 52 week high. EPS 4Q exceeded estimates by over 10% (over 35% by one estimate).

Our client has been a world leader in their focus for over 50 years. This longevity can be attributed to the unique nature of their products, which results in a stable yet diverse customer base. Applications for their products are numerous and span various industries such as paints and coatings, food and beverage, personal care, chemicals, and agriculture. This high demand has allowed the client to continue to be the fastest growing producer of a key product, making it ONE OF THE LEADING producers in the world. Committed to continual growth, the client recently engaged in a significant capital investment project with the startup of MAJOR ENERGY and HEAT RECOVERY projects.

Our client has seen RECENT RECORD EARNINGS and OVER 15% YEAR OVER YEAR GROWTH IN EPS (earnings per share). Our client is a publically traded company in existence for over 100 years. A stable and growing leader, they produce a variety of specialty products that are key to daily living. As a testament to their continual financial success, for OVER FIVE (5) CONSECUTIVE YEARS THE CLIENT POSTED RECORD FULL-YEAR EARNINGS. In addition, reflecting strong pricing and stable costs, the client’s full-year operating margin improved by five percentage points. Notable as well was an increase in the dividend for the seventh consecutive year.

Our client is going on 5 YEARS in which EMPLOYEE BONUSES WERE PAID OUT IN EXCESS OF TARGET. Our client is a leading developer, manufacturer and marketer of products with various applicability in the consumer, industrial and automotive, agricultural, sports, and fluids purification markets. In existence for over 50 years, they have maintained competitive advantage via a strong and innovative research and development program. This has led to the development of key new products and applications that has allowed the client to pay cash dividends continuously for over 25 years. A variety of their products are household names and maintain high brand awareness and respect.

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