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Friday, August 8, 2014

New Job: Project Manager

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Project Manager 

Responsible for leading capital projects and developing new project processes.  Direct reports include Project Engineers.  Will also direct vendors and contractors. 

Responsibilities include: 

  • Develop, budget, coordinate resources and plan execution of capital projects according to schedule, costs, and deliver benefits as anticipated;
  • Ensure that all plant upgrades and installation of equipment are completed according to schedule and within budgetary guidelines;
  • Work with Operations teams to manage the following budgetary goals;
  • Ensure that employees understand goals and are fully engaged in achieving them;
  • Develop short and long term operating plans including annual budgets;
  • Manage productivity and costs to meet the financial plans; and
  • Lead process and quality improvement efforts to improve profitability and customer satisfaction – for both existing operations as well as new product initiatives.

Qualifications should include:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Engineering. MBA is desired;
  • Demonstrated record of accomplishment in project management, safety, reliability and process improvement;
  • 5+ years of Project Management experience;
  • 10+ years of overall project experience;
  • Ability to blend coaching, modeling, managing and recruiting to effectively drive improved results, develop employees and strengthen operations; 
  • Understanding of PLC and HMI systems;
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills;
  • Excellent written, analytical and financial skills; and
  • Strong presentation skills using PowerPoint and Excel to illustrate capital projects, cost, timing, alternatives and contingencies.

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New Job: Plant Process Engineer

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Plant Process Engineer

Development and Implementation of Process Improvements for Existing Plant and Capital Projects.  The goals are to minimize impact on existing production, utilize existing and state-of-art technologies and rapidly execute plans for expanding or enhancing process performance.

Responsibilities include:

  • Maintain safe working conditions and practices to achieve a zero (0) lost time injury record within the area of responsibility.  Perform work duties in accordance with corporate safety and environmental quality system procedures;
  • Plan and execute in-process experiments, keep and analyze production performance data to achieve the lowest possible cost methods for the plant;
  • Provide design services for new process expansions as well as modifications and upgrades to existing installations. Investigate requirements with Maintenance and Production departments to provide the best possible solutions;
  • Solicit quotations, prepare bid documents, cost estimates, time tables and pay-back calculations for engineering and construction projects leading to Capital Asset Requests;
  • Review drawings and submittals received from vendors, contractors and consultants to ensure compliance with design objectives and/or contract documents;
  • Supervise contractors in construction projects. Ensure that construction methods are according to plant specifications and standards. Address and resolve construction problems that arise in the field;
  • Coordinate required shutdowns for tie-ins, etc. with appropriate department and contractors to minimize impact on plant operations;
  • Conduct check-out and start-up of new and modified systems in the plant to satisfy production and maintenance requirements. Identify problems in new systems and recommend solutions; and
  • Provide computer aided drafting services using Auto-CAD  Field verify and update existing plant drawings as required for project designs. Create drawings as required for new projects.
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New Job: Logistics Manager

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Logistics Manager
To manage all facets of the logistics requirements for the company including trucking, rail movement, container movement, shipping, insurance requirements, trans-loading facilities, SKU monitoring and measuring systems, and negotiations with various logistical solutions providers.

The position will include:
  • Lead and develop a team environment for all personnel reporting to the position;
  • Provide cost effective and efficient logistics solutions for our customers;
  • Plan, develop, and implement processes that fit with the strategic goals;
  • Develop and implement processes for measuring the performance of the logistics team, and all service providers;
  • Investigate all potential means of transporting finished products to domestic and global markets;
  • Continue to evaluate and adjust processes as required;
  • Develop and implement strategic plans for the logistics team;
  • Implement continual improvement disciplines that fit with the company’s customers and service providers;
  • Implement safety standards and procedures;
  • Work closely with Operations to ensure that the plant runs efficiently;
  • Establish and maintain effective work and communication relationships within departments, ensuring that efficient day to day operational decisions can be achieved; and
  • Complete special projects as assigned.  
  • BS/BA - 4 year degree;
  • 5+ years experience in logistics fields;
  • Ability to build and maintain relationships with internal and external customers and all service providers;
  • A good working knowledge of computer programs, with specific emphasis on data bases, spreadsheets (Excel), word documents, etc.;
  • Understanding of inventory software programs and software integration potential;
  • Ability to effectively manage the logistics group, and report to senior executive on a consistent basis;
  • Ability to work in a team environment, and has the ability to multi task, if and when it is required; and
  • Demonstrate ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing; strong interpersonal skills; and excellent organizational skills.
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New Job: Director of Engineering

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Director of Engineering with extensive hands-on, multi-site experience in project management, purchasing, budgeting, contract and vendor management, and commissioning. Track record of deadline and budgetary target attainment. Experience to include:
  • Supervision of 12+ Project Managers and Project Engineers;
  • Development of 1, 3 and 5 year Engineering Plans;
  • Management of engineering and construction for multiple plant capital projects;
  • Development and implementation of policies and procedures for project engineers and managers;
  • Successful track record of health and safety for projects managed;
  • Development and support of training initiatives to improve both quality and performance of respective workforces and
  • Hands-on experience with JIT, TQM, SPC and other quality and manufacturing standards a plus.
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