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Friday, February 17, 2012

New Job: Corporate Electrical Engineer: Multi-Plant & High Visibility

Corporate Electrical Engineer: Multi-Plant & High Visibility

Below is a brief summary along with a link to the full description where people can learn more and/or apply. Please be aware that the description can in no way fully describe the role, and we are happy to contact anyone should they need further detail.


• High Visibility: Corporate Engineering Exposure

• Multiple Site Responsibility

• Lead all Aspects of Electrical Engineering at the Client’s Plants

• One of the Largest Producers in the U.S. of a Key Product


We currently have an opening for a Corporate Electrical Engineer with one of our most successful clients. This role calls for a very experienced electrical engineering professional with a strong background, both in leadership and in relation to technical experience. This position will lead all aspects of electrical engineering at the client’s plants including plant power and control systems. This includes managing all aspects of site PLC/HMI systems to control all processes and provide data required for management of the plants. In addition, the incumbent will be responsible for ensuring the operational integrity and regulatory compliance of the plant’s electrical systems and electrical maintenance programs & will support the Engineering Manager in preparing annual capital budgets.

Our client is one of the largest producers in the U.S. of a key product that is necessary for a wide range of applications.

To learn more and/or to apply, please visit: