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Thursday, August 13, 2015

New Job: Safety Coordinator

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Safety Coordinator

Responsible for coordinating and leading the safety programs at company facilities and to provide professional knowledge and expertise in the administration and support of health and safety programs. Additional responsibilities include:

  • Responsible for the overall coordination and implementation of health and safety programs to assure compliance with regulatory agency guidelines and corporate policies;
  • Responsibilities include management of the Safety Management Program (SMP), and associated training programs to assure compliance safety and health regulations and guidelines; and
  • Implementation of Pro-Active Safety Programs such as Behavior Based Safety.

 Accountabilities include: 

  • Develop, implement, and maintain comprehensive safety, health, and training program in support of Company SMP Policies;
  • Ensure compliance with Division and Corporate SMP policies, programs, standards, procedures, and other (OSHA) regulatory requirements;
  • Conduct on-site reviews and support audits of operations and facilities;
  • Work with site resources to implement SMP standards and has the ability to plan ahead for pending regulations;
  • Assist with setting SMP Targets & Objectives and provides guidance for attainment;
  • Work closely with the Site Managers, department managers, employees at all levels, and contractors to maintain a safe and healthy work place;
  • Develop and implement accident investigation techniques, data analysis, and recurrence prevention programs and procedures. Ensure accidents, incidents, near misses and other non-conformances are properly rated and appropriately input into the CIRS database;
  • Lead and assist with incident investigations and ensure the appropriate levels of corrective actions are implemented;
  • Assure the SMP Management System is effective and efficient and updated as needed for continual improvement;
  • Coordinate employee and contractor training to understand their role in support of health and safety and regulatory requirements, including job hazard analysis (JHA) and process safety management (PSM);
  • Achieve and maintain the corporate and industry safety metrics, such as TRIR and EMR ratings consistent or better than industry benchmarks;
  • Assist Emergency Response Teams and respond to potential plant emergencies and planning;
  • Professionally represent the company with regulatory agencies regarding OSHA regulatory compliance and develop a good working relationship with regulators to formulate effective corrective actions;
  • Assist with the development of the annual safety budget and properly administer expenditures;
  • Manage worker compensation claim process and implements a Divisional Case Management program;
  • Assure compliance with health and safety aspects of Contractor Management Program; and
  • Participate in the annual Sites management review process.

If you are interested in learning more, or to apply for this job, submit your resume here.

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