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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

New Jobs: Many High Level: EHS and H&S; Plant Management; Maintenance Management; Others

New Jobs.  If you're a top level EHS or Safety and Health professional, there are a few active searches.  Also, Plant Management and Maintenance Management.

EHS - Corporate Director - Mountain West, TX; Health and Safety - Top - Great Lakes;  Plant Manager – Great Lakes, Western U.S., Midwest; Maintenance Management - Top Person - SW U.S.; Chief Process Engineer - West U.S.; Quality Assurance / QA – Southeast and Southern U.S.;  Production Management and Supervision -  Rocky Mountain West, Southeast, TX, CA; Project Engineer - CA, West U.S.. 

This is only a sampling of our active searches.

If interested in learning more about any of the searches listed, or for more information on unadvertised searches, please either submit your resume to candidate (at), or submit your profile at

We will provide details to interested and qualified candidates as they come forth.

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